Warmsie Story

Having grown up in small mountain towns in the West, the creators of the Warmsie thought they knew how to dress for cold weather.

Imagine their surprise when they moved to NYC and encountered a whole new definition of cold. Humid cold. Bone chilling cold. Having to combat it was hard enough, but to do it in style too? They learned it's all about the layers.

From the big city to mountain towns, people are on and off of trains and buses, in and out of cars, exposed to blasts of cold air followed by steamy moving vehicles and then back into toasty indoor environments. Have a baby with you? Now you've got a real challenge.

Dealing with your own warmth is easy compared to dragging a baby in and out of these swinging temps. Bulky layers of onesies, sweats, sweaters, and jackets produce an uncomfortable, sweaty child when inside. Constant unwrapping and rewrapping of a baby quickly becomes overwhelming and exhausting to any mom on the go. Add to this the fact that the average mom has around 20 items — ranging from diapers, to baby wipes, and mobile phones — to carry. Quite a "handful", right?

What all mindful parents need for their babies-on-board is a base layer like adults use when skiing, camping, hiking, sledding, or even shopping in the wintry months. A thin layer that will wick away moisture; something a baby can wear under regular clothes, replacing the onesie. Warmth without the bulk.

Adult markets are saturated with these thermal options, even children have choices, but infants were left out in the cold. Until now.

Stylish, comfortable, convenient--the Warmsie is perfect for moms who can't and won't stay inside all winter. West or East, city or country, Warmsies do the job. On a skiing or camping trip? Baby can come along with ease. In and out of the subway in a cold, big city? No problem. Your baby can still look good, be warm, and stay dry, sans the bulk and hassle.

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